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Working in Logistics and Project logistics industry since 2015 we’ve faced the following challenges in this niche:

Industry challenges

  • Equipment of companies is idle
  • At the same time challenging to find it in the specific region
  • Collisions in the planning by time and geolocation
  • Usual daily workflows contain expensive manual works. Lead to overtimes and even to emergencies
  • Niche is very conservative and doesn't believe in software automation
  • Existing ERP & CRM don't cover many secondary processes which are time-consuming

Some issues we automate with Crane-Locator

The Marketplace which connects all participants of Project Logistics industry to make deals

Equipment owners

Trucks, trailers, cranes, vessels, aircrafts, helicopters

Related services

Certification, road permission, insurance, customs, etc

Cargo owners

Oil, gas, wind-power manufacturers and contractors

Other Project Logistics Solutions

Machinagement application


Equipment management application

Orchestrates equipment by time and geo-location.



Vessel filling management

Fills the deck of the vessel with irregular sized cargo and coordinates the communication



Organizes the educational process

Helps employees to switch workflows for a new automated direction



Automates routine paper-works

Based on prepared repetitive templates of any documents

Trailer Constructor

Trailer Constructor

Step-by-step configurer

Allows users preparing the full order specification for Trailer Manufacturer


Email recognizer

Automatic handling emails

Extracts date, time, sender, message content, files

Spreadsheets recognizer

Options for Business Solutions

1. Custom Solution.

Custom means non-template. Especially for your company according to your needs, which will make your business workflows automatic or semi-automatic. It is not always from scratch.

  • Sometimes it is possible to integrate some existing services or to use existing software libraries.
  • Let’s save your budget with a lean approach and basing on design thinking
Custom Solution

2. SaaS Solution.

Very often you need well-structured Database to digitize your data then handle it conveniently. So mostly you’ll need some quick search, filtration and sorting your data.

  • And, you can make it yourself without programming coding. Tabbli, as a SaaS solution, could cover all your needs in 2-5 days.
  • So you can prove the idea or change it on the fly because it is flexible like a Lego.
  • Maybe you’ll need integration with some external services like a Payment System, or Delivery service, or Spider or Data Import.
SaaS Solution

Do you have a Business Challenge?

There are many points where it possible to reduce costs or/and increese revenue by digitizing of unstructured data or making things automatic or semi-automatic.

Frequently Asked questions

When we speak about overburdened employees and workflows difficulties, it is always because of non-structured data which is difficult to handle manually. Easy to forget about some critical steps in the flow Even if you are working by a checklist.
Solving such kind of bottlenecks we start from the learning of existing business processes in your company in details. Looking for your documents, researching the series of required actions, understanding all people who are involved in these processes.
The solution always lays in creating of well-structured database and integration with existing tools you use already in the company. Like CRM, payment system, communicative system, etc. After digitizing of this data, it becomes possible to search the required items immediately, make some parts of the workflow automatically or semi-automatically.
Send us some brief information about your business bottleneck, and we consider how to solve it most optimally.


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J.J. (Jean-Jacques) Jan

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Vladymir Herasymenko

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Evgene Lukhmanov



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