Django, Flask, and Redis Tutorial: Web Application Session Management Between Python Frameworks

- Saturday, April 01, 2017

Django Versus Flask: When Django is the Wrong Choice

I love and use Django in lots of my personal and client projects, mostly for more classical web applications and those involving relational databases. However, Django is no silver bullet.

By design, Django is very tightly coupled with its ORM, Template Engine System, and Settings object. Plus, it’s not a new project: it carries a lot of baggage to remain backwards compatible.

Some Python developers see this as a major problem. They say that Django isn’t flexible enough and avoid it if possible and, instead, use a Python microframework like Flask.

I don’t share that opinion. Django is great when used in the appropriate place and time, even if it doesn’t fit into every project spec. As the mantra goes: “Use the right tool for the job”.

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