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Ways To Change Your Web Design To Boost Up Traffic



Boosting website traffic is a constant struggle for any site owner or maintainer. There’s an eternal fight between staying on top of the newest methods and making sure that your content is appealing to your target audience. If only there were ways built into your web design that could give your traffic the boost it needs!

SectorX Accelerator mentorship 2019 March


New startups, ideas, trends, faces. After my recent workshop in the SectorX Accelerator - Unit City. The theme “Some tricky ways to define the Market Size of a startup”. By the way I’ve presented this material in Rotterdam Venture Cafe 3 weeks ago. I think it will still be relevant for at least a year or two. Although it turns out to find new hacks and methods every time. Thanks to the participants.

How we were looking for competitors for the start-up Crane-Locator

The article is about the start-up developing, where we took part. It is what we are usually doing - startups and non-template custom projects development. Moreover, as is often happens, we have been doing much more than just designing and architecting. A lot of required to launch the product to the market: market and customer research, business strategy. And, this story is about the competitors analysis.