Connect Sublime Text 3 to Business Catalyst Site in Ubuntu

We love to use Sublime Text 3 because it is an excellent code editor. Sometimes when we code something for Adobe Business Catalyst it would be great to connect directly from Sublime Text to BC site. If you use Ubuntu Linux (we use it, because we are big funs of Linux) you don't need any plugins. Just open Nautilus and select File - Connect to Server menu.

Nautilus connect to server

A new dialog window will be shown. Enter your domain for connect (do not forget specify a protocol).

Nautilus "Connect to Server" dialog

Than enter your SFTP username (in format domain/email) and password.

Nautilus "enter password" dialog

That is all you need to do for mount remote filesystem via SFTP to your computer.

Nautilus, BC storage

Now just use File - Open Folder menu in Sublime Text for opening the mounted filesystem.

Sublime Text 3, sftp connection

As you can see connecting to BC site is very easy.