Django Girls Poltava 2018

This time it was taken with a help of Ukrainian-Swedish web-development school Beetroot Academy. And it was amazing. We received more than a hundred applications and it was really hard to choose only 36 of them. We hope that this event could be a starting point for all participants in the amazing world of computing.

Django Girls Poltava 2018 - 8227

Django Girls is an international initiative which helps girls to involve the information technologies and web development. For a current moment, more than 751 events were organized worldwide in 94 countries. And it is very cool because it is very important to have more diversity and helps more people to have a chance to get a new job in IT. It is very important also for Ukraine which is not a rich country but with an extremely rapidly growing IT sector which is operating on the global market. We think that some social activity which can help people to find a good job has a lot of advantages for the business like ours.

It is exciting that all participants were so different, with different background. Some of them already had some experience in development but many did not have any. During the workshop, all of them installed Python and all necessary software on their own notebooks. And to end of the day, many participants created a blog engine hosted on the internet and with source codes located on the GitHub. Of course, it is not easy to do such kind of project if you don’t have any experience but the workshop shows that it is possible and it is very important to increase confidence.

Django Girls Poltava 2018 - 8236

We had six coaches. Four of them were from our company - Oleh, Andriy, Vyacheslav, and Michael. And another two from Beetroot - Ihor and Yaroslav.

Django Girls Poltava 2018 - 8200

We are planning to continue organizing such events in the future because we see a lot of opportunities in expanding the community.