Introducing the Formtrigger

The problem of abandoned forms

Web forms are widely used across the entire Internet. Online businesses are using them for order checkouts, event booking, commenting, customer feedback etc. But there is a problem. The average conversion rate is not very high. Sometimes your potential customers begin to fill the form but did not complete the submission process. Formstack says in their research that more than 80% of users are abandoning a form. It is also correlated with research of Baymard Institute which says that more than 60% of online shopping carts are abandoned. As result, you lose money.

Web form example

It is really a huge problem. The reasons could be different. It could be UI problems or lack of available options (for shipping for example). Or maybe your visitors do not ready to give you some required info, like TaxID for example. But often a visitor fills part of the form and only then make a decision to cancel a submission. When you have a tool for partial form submission you could extract a useful data for follow up such visitor. For example, if a visitor fills an email address or phone number, you can contact with him/her and try to sell your product.

We had some problems on A conversion of the form for contact with equipment owner was less than 5%. And it is not an only single case. For the last years, we saw similar problems on many projects of our customers and on our own projects. That is why we made Formtrigger.

Introducing the solution

Formtrigger is an online service for simple tracking web forms abandonment and triggered messaging.

Formtrigger dashboard

Just add one line of code to your HTML code and our tracking script start to track your forms. You can build your own behavior for abandoned forms with combining a different set of triggers. For current moment Formtrigger provides a support for such triggers:

  • Form tracking. It captures a page unload after interacting with any form field but without submission. Successful submissions are captured too.
  • Show popup window. You can show a popup window with a message to your visitor as a reaction to the abandoned form.
  • Send email. You or your managers can get an email with partial submission data to your email inbox.

Because Formtrigger is in active development now we continuously improve each part of the service and have plans for a large library of different triggers.

Formtrigger trigger message

Formtrigger provides a simple interface for setup the list of triggers for different pages of your site.

Formtrigger page events setup

Form tracking trigger captures an each event for the form. The event list interface provides you a possibility to view each new event. You can also use the search feature for find datasets with corresponding input values.

Formtrigger event list

For security reasons, Formtrigger ignores some data like passwords, API keys, captcha hashes etc. You also can specify any extra list of inputs you want to exclude from capturing. A captured data sends to the cloud via secured HTTPS connection for preventing traffic sniffing.

Formtrigger event details

Email templates could be specified for each particular case. Your managers will get messages to their email in each case when new abandoned form will be found.

Formtrigger email

With Formtrigger you can change the average form submission rates. Now you can capture visitor information and use it for reaching out to leads which could be lost in another case.

Captured data about incomplete forms are also a good point to identify possible bottlenecks with your UI. It is a good chance to improve your interface and increase the leads conversion rate in future.

At this moment, Formtrigger works as closed beta. It means that open registration is not available yet. But you can request an early access on the official page and we’ll contact you and give an access. All early users will get the first month for free and some discount for the next months. We did not complete a pricing table yet but it will be available soon.