SectorX Accelerator mentorship 2019 March

New startups, ideas, trends, faces. After my recent workshop in the SectorX Accelerator - Unit City. The theme “Some tricky ways to define the Market Size of a startup”. By the way I’ve presented this material in Rotterdam Venture Cafe 3 weeks ago. I think it will still be relevant for at least a year or two. Although it turns out to find new hacks and methods every time. Thanks to the participants.

SectorX Accelerator Unit.City

It is noteworthy that teams from other countries, including the Netherlands and Latvia, take part in the Ukrainian accelerator. This is clearly the merit of Andrei Komarovsky.

Over time, I see the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies not only becoming more ordinary, but finally more reasonable. And in those areas where it would not seem expected anymore. I don’t touch projects details, because of it risky to publish some hidden info.

I noticed the active involvement of participants of neighbor projects works pretty effectively. Everyone tries to adjust other’s methods to their project. Or vice versa, own methods to someone else's project. Such a way new ideas are born. Active disput and the same time “sell” own services to neighbor. Means, apply own product for another.

It seems was useful for all. Well, fine.