Django Girls Poltava 2018

Oleh Korkh - Sunday, December 16, 2018

At November 11 there was a second Django Girls event in Poltava, Ukraine we’ve been organized. It is volunteering community where we are helping girls to try themselves in programming.

Toptal's List Of Top Free Programming Books

- Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Internet is mankind’s biggest repository of knowledge, information, useful (and useless: think of cat pics) digital content. Today, we will be taking a quick look at something useful and down to earth: free online programming books.

There are a lot of useful books, guides, technical documentation, research papers, code examples and testimonials available online. You are merely a Google search away from this stuff, provided you weed out the SEO-optimised content mill pages, which still rank high on Google.

Google, GitHub, Universities, Industry - all vital resources for a developer in search of free programming books

Google, GitHub, Universities, Industry - all vital resources for a developer in search of freebies.

Installing Django on IIS: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

- Sunday, February 12, 2017

Though many Django Developers might consider it blasphemous, sometimes it is actually necessary to deploy Django applications on Windows/IIS, especially when working with a client that has based its infrastructure around the Windows ecosystem. The “blasphemy” part comes from Django having really been targeted at the Unix environment, relying heavily on features like WSGI, FastCGI, and command-line tooling, all of which are foreign to Windows. Fortunately, Django/IIS compatibility is improving, thanks to the addition of features (which would otherwise be a kludge) on both the Windows and the Python+Django sides of the equation, thereby helping to resolve compatibility issues between these two disparate technical worlds.

Installing Django on IIS

Objects clustering and grouping with Django, PostGIS and Google Maps

Oleh Korkh - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Object clustering is a common practice when you need to show a lot of objects on the map. When we began to develop project one of the main features which should be implemented first was a world map with equipment on it. The original idea was inspired by where we see a world map with clusters where we see digits which show how many ships are in the particular cluster.

How To Develop a Custom Widget in Django

Oleh Korkh - Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sometimes you need a custom form widget for use with forms on frontend or in admin interface in Django. For such purposes Django provides a very useful tools for implement almost everything which you could want. In one of our projects we had a necessity to implement a widget for password with "Show" button. User should be able to click "Show" button and copy password to clipboard. Let's create something like that:


Better way is create the separate file Than we can write something like that:

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