General idea

During the development and promotion of our startup Crane-Locator we faced the problem deep web-forms analytics. Especially on the hidden site pages. And the most important is customers communication and trying to back them and increase the conversion rate. For our project important the following: registration, subscription, requests for equipment, offers for these requests, management form to control company profile.

For example, user filled some fields already and did not finish form for some reason.

How it works

Of course it important to find the week places where conversion decreases.

Formtrigger dashboard

We analyze your site for forms and track user activity with them. We calculate the conversion rate and specific stats for each field. If a form does not have been submitted we collect a data of incomplete form, mark such event in our analytics and initiate some trigger action. You can setup this in details. It could be push notification, popup notification with next site visit, external API call or an email message.

Analytics system helps you to find usability problems with your forms, track a form abandonment and try to get your customers back. And all of this is in one integrated solution which does not require any knowledge of programming and very easy to install. It does not depend of site engine or CRM. This tool works also with ajax-forms and with hidden under the authorisation pages.

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