Marketplace for auto tires and rims

Automanager start page

Marketplace for wholesalers and retailers. The general idea is collecting automatically prices from many distributors and manufacturers of rims and tires. Then after automatic handling of it preparing the database for each retailer based on special rules.

Wholesalers send Excel prices to special Email regularly

The Scraper collects data from email messages. And system converts it to the right format


prices examples

Prices with different structures.

All spreadsheets have different

  • Names of the same product
  • Currencies
  • Columns
  • Marking of stock by different colors or some characters
  • Mistakes in the data

Platform recognizes unstructured data

Converts data to standard format

Platform recognizes unstructured data
Product page

optimal provider

Platform defines the most optimal provider

By Criterias:

  • Price
  • Stock
  • Remoteness
  • Reliability
  • Logistics parameters.

asy to search products

Easy to search products

Making filtration, sorting, popup additional information, define preferable providers

Export for retailers

Platform delivers fresh updates for all retailer’s stores

Regular refreshing of all products, price and stock

Export for retailers