Project Logistics Marketplace is a worldwide marketplace in the Project Logistics industrial niche. It covers Heavy-lifting transport for abnormal sizes and overloaded cargo.

Project Logistics industrial niche


  • Huge lack of well-structured information and niche conservatism.
  • Difficult to search for the right special Project Equipment or services in the required region.
  • Unknown reputation for international companies, unverified equipment.
  • Debts between foreign companies.
  • Very large payments to intermediaries and agencies
Crane-Locator problems

How it works.

We digitizing the Project Logistics Industry, give disparate, complex parameters to standard. Targeting special equipment and related services on the map by parameters.

Selecting suppliers for Project requests. This is all about super-heavy oversized cargo.

Project starting

We started this development as a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with Lean Startup methodology.

First prototype was launched at May 2015. It was almost without design and it looked as on the screenshot.

Old start page
Equipment on the map

Equipment on the map

A comfortable search of special equipment on the map in the requested region.

  • Choosing equipment category
  • Automatic determination of visitor's geo-location
  • Set own placement or own object placement. Easy to move marker by drag-n-drop.
  • Search equipment in selected distance from object
  • Equipment filtering by parameters.
  • Display equipment in a list mode with sorting by distance from required object

Quick preview mode for each equipment item

preview mode
Equipment item

Equipment item

Separate page for each equipment item display pictures of equipment, all parameters, description, map placement, company contacts for communication

Searching companies

Special functionality to search service companies in the heavy-lift transport niche, like logistics, certifications, finance, software, parts, etc. You are also filtering by region.

Searching companies


Separate page for each company with a description, equipment map, contacts.

Private area

Private area

Each company manage own equipment and services in the private area using login and password

Request for equipment or servise

Requests of visitors for Heavy-Lifting equipment or services.

Any customer can add own request with parameters and technical details

Request for equipment or servise

Current stage

Crane-Locator is already a well-known tool for project logistics companies in the world.

With Crane-Locator companies owners of equipment and services register themselves, define own categories, set own services and equipment parameters and placement. Searchers are filtering it by required parameters in the required region and by reputation. Such a way we connect all business sides of this industry.