Formtrigger - the solution for tracking web forms abandonment and remarketing

Side project, which was born during Crane-Locator development and promotion process.

Formtrigger bad funnel

We have faced to the fact about 97% of involved visitors abandoned the most important form of web-site - equipment booking. We started to analyze customers behavior during form interaction.


The deep analysis and elimination of the general causes help us to reduce the flue-users. Sometimes you can not do it without professionals in UI / UX. We have to be patient and to review dozens of videos from visitor session recording software (webvisor for example). It replays the visitor’s actions on the site. You have to see how your visitor sees. Thinking same way as they were thinking. To track the mouse movement. Understand why the visitor scrolls the page up and down several times. Really this work is meticulous. You can do it from time to time. But it is impossible to do always over a long period.

Formtrigger dashboard

The abandoned forms analytics reveals the design problems and eliminate gross usability mistakes.

Trigger messages help remind customers about abandoned forms and return them to complete the action. It significantly increases the conversion.

For the most terrible case of a 3% conversion rate we transformed it into 91%. The effort was worth it!

Formtrigger better funnel

So going through certain steps for ourselves and own projects, we obtained a side project which is:

  1. Easy to setup for website without any programming
  2. Tracking the forms filling and submitting process. Indicates the weakest point in the forms. It helps to improve the interface design.
  3. Signals about necessity to review and analyze usability, when statistics deterioration happens once.
  4. Allows to return a significant portion of outgoing visitors. Win them back and help to complete the action. It is much easier and cheaper than attracting new ones.

Our service works is in stand-by mode now. We don't understand how to make it GDPR compliant at the moment.