Olark chat integration for Adobe BC 

Olark chat integration app for Adobe Business Catalyst

Pass Adobe BC CRM Data to Olark

Olark Chat Integration app for Business Catalyst is a great opportunity to engage your customers. Especcually if you know a bit more about visitor, than just his ip address and his country. Since possible to pass Adobe BC CRM Data to [Olark](http://www.olark.com/) dashboard.

What the extra data exactly:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Device class
  • Is logged in?
  • CRM ID
  • Link to CRM record
  • Company
  • Website
  • Date of birth
  • Customer type
  • Industry
  • Rating
  • Is wholesaler?

Small video helps you to see some features of this app

Installation of app

How to install and set Olark Chat widget on the site. It very easy. We just get the site ID code from the settings part of Olark at the installation part. Copy it into clipboard. And paste it into the field “Olark site ID” at the settings section. Then we check all extra data, that we want to pass into Olark dashboard. Don’t forget to save. Then go to the instruction section and copy one line code for the template. And place it above the closing /body tag of all pages. I just add it to my default template. Since widget works on the site. When we use browser based agent of Olark and start to reply - we can see all extra data of visitor. It useful to see these extra data. So chat manager can come up to some actions with visitor, and convert him to customer. So easy to try [Olark Chat](http://www.olark.com/) on your site. Especially because it has free gold trial period. Enjoy it please! And get benefit with Olark Chat integration app!


3rd Party Notice

This app connects Business Catalyst to a 3rd Party software. The7bits is not affiliated with Olark. All questions or concerns regarding Olark's offering or service should be directed to Olark. For assistance, please visit their Help section.

We hope you enjoy this app in your Business Catalyst site.

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