Ourhub Europe B.V.

intelligent e-commerce Marketplace as B2B and B2C platform


The general idea

is helping emerging Asian brands to go to the mature European market. Mostly suitable for startups and unique products which are avoiding to compete by price on Ali-Baba.


The first point of project view we've improved together with the project owner. The whole concept looks very large and difficult. We spent enough time discussing this scheme.

Ourhub Concept

Key features:

  • Influencer marketing with affiliate program
  • Own sub-stores for each Manufacturer and Influencer to promote and sell own products
  • Virtual warehouse and distributor for external Brands

Ourhub influencers
Ourhub influencers


So following the lean methodology we need to exclude everything what is not so important to prove the main idea. The smallest first features set for MVP (Minimal Viable Product) we've defined as following:

  • Small PIM (Product Information Management), which includes structures for goods, categories, units, logistics information, warehouses
  • Substores for Manufacturers
  • Substores for Influencers
  • Private area for members
  • Affiliate system
  • Delivery service integration
  • Payment system
  • Multilingual management
  • Admin area to manage everything under the hood

Current stage

Each Manufacturer or Influencer or just Reseller getting easily own online sub-store.

Ourhub works as a distribution hub linking brands & merchants in Europe.

Ourhub brands
Ourhub categories

Ourhub collects, digitizes and standardizes products content from Brands products hub for multi-channel synchronization and optimization.

Improvement and some development still in progress