Stylus Converter - app for Adobe Business Catalyst

This app was developed in cooperation with GetInBlue company. 

A useful tool for Stylus users. Stylus is the latest alternative to LESS. It has more flexibility, providing an efficient, dynamic and expressive way to generate CSS code, supporting both an indented syntax and regular CSS style.

This App allows you to use Stylus language for developing and compiling it to CSS in simply one click.

Example writing code in Stylus languageIn this sample we are writing code in Stylus language. Stylus is pythonic for example is an indentation-based. Whitespace is significant, so we substitute braces with an indent. We also can add mixins, which allow us to write efficiently and easier on repeatative blocks when coding.

change the path for the compiled CSS fileFor example, we have a border-radius function defined below, which is invoked as a mixin, for example, it is invoked as a statement, rather than part of an expression. When border-radius is invoked within a selector, the properties are expanded and copied into the selector. If you require to change the path, go into “Settings” and change the path for the compiled CSS file.

Our Stylus CSS converter App can take care of variablesOur Stylus CSS converter App can take care of variables. This section shows that we may assign expressions to variables and use them throughout our stylesheet, Identifiers (variable names, functions, etc.) may also include the $ character. The variable is used after in your code.

You will notice our editor does use syntax highlight. In the resulted outcome you will notice all the variable in place. Other possible variable value changes are seen in this sample, with the option of minimizing the CSS code. An efficient way of saving the converted code can be to save it in any directory created previously.

Help section about Stylus converterIn our “Help” section you’ll find more information about Stylus converter. And you can find Uninstall Application button. We hope you’ll enjoy this application.

This app is free yet, so you can try it easy in BC Appstore.

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