What issues does it solve?

  • Wasting time in communications, e.g., detailed technical discussions
  • Fixed price options often not suitable for clients. We make it individual.
  • Manually preparing offers for the client
  • Small offer corrections could mean "we start from scratch."

Allows users preparing the full order specification for Trailer Manufacturer

  • Helps Manufacturer to get easily a complete set of the equipment from potential client round-the-clock.
  • Any visitor doing it themselves step-by-step.
  • Result is looking like full order specification
Trailer Constructor
TrailerConstructor Result

Steps to build the required trailer

  • 1.
    Type of trailer (flat, loader, low-loader)
  • 2.
    Gooseneck type (fixed, hydraulic)
  • 3.
    Loading capacity
  • 4.
    Extendable or fixed platform
  • 5.
    Quantity of Axels
  • 6.
    Suspension type (hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • 7.
    Type of steering axles (power-steering, self-steering)
  • 8.
    Result with a price

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