Multilingual e-commerce project.

vmkl start page vmkl start page

Main goal of the project

Site design of online store for wholesale Russian souvenirs.

Special requirements:

  • The site should work in combination with the accounting system 1C, already used at the moment in the customer's enterprise.
  • Sites requiring the implementation of multilingualism. First 3 languages: English, Czech, Russian. Subsequently, take another 10-15 languages.
  • Every single language site must have the capabilities of their settings according to national circumstances, holidays, etc.
  • Multicurrency support. The client should be able to buy goods in a convenient currency.
  • Wholesale prices for authorized own customers. Customer well see own wholesale prices for goods instead retail prices, depending of his user group.
  • Stock accounting on the product page.
  • Total order weight calculation. This weight must be automatically calculated as the sum of the weights of all goods laid into cart.
  • Shop should look good and work on mobile devices.

The project development hystory.

It was necessary to modify the accounting system to ensure that for each item to store information in all required languages. We improoved the exchange plugin to make special setting of general currency and language for each site. In this case, the exchange must transmit more and more information on the goods. In particular, the unit weight of the product and its name in its own language. Also the names of the characteristics of all goods for each language. These characteristics will be used for filtering system.

We pay great attention the structure and layout of elements of the all pages, and especcually of the home page. That is why we have prepared mockups of main pages. Agreed with the customer various subtleties and details for each page type.

For example, visitor wants to find the product he needs very quickly. So the search block we placed on the top and it must be high visible.

One of the client's requirements - is to show catalog on the main page. So we decide to display catalog parts with pictures. It makes visitor more undestandable what about this part.

It was decided to implement a floating order cart. This option is convenient for the buyer, since shopping is always in sight at the same place.

Start page moqup

Category table view

Item page

Order page

Moqup order cart page


For normal display of this site decided to work without special mobile mobile version. But apply the technology RWD (Responsive Web Design). So it looks good now on tablet-pc, mobile phones and of course desktop. Independant of screen resolution.

VMKL Mobile start page

VMKL mobile scroll page

VMKL mobile item page

VMKL mobile order page

Testimonial from the customer

VMKL import export s.r.o., Prague Czech Republic

Thank you very much for the work done! We got a nice, comfortable and modern online store, perfect for our theme (Russian souvenirs) and design, and functionality. Jewelry linked to the main site accounting system and language versions work fine and very much simplified our work. By the way, about which language versions. Our clients are from the US and other countries highly praised the store and make orders with pleasure! It's worth it. A system of personal discounts use constantly, and it has become our favorite chip. I especially want to thank the staff developer for care and patient-serious attitude to all our questions. A very conveniently organized system of communication on the site, we always know that we will respond and help, and for every problem can be traced to the procedure and method of solution. Until now iterate card when you need to remember something and find the necessary links, screenshots, and tips. Very pleased with the opportunity to continue to add new and useful to the site when it becomes necessary. Here it can be called a truly enjoyable and productive cooperation! With gratitude, The company's team VMKL

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