Zendesk integration app for Adobe Business Catalyst

Here is what customers need on your website. It help and support. Let us get feedback from your visitors and help them together.

This app makes the installation of Zendesk widget on Business Catalyst very simple and gives managers a lot of extra useful information about visitors. All information what can give the Business Catalyst CRM. It empowering them to better guide your visitors through the sales and support process.

Easy Install

Place one line of code in templates/pages

Users extended Data

You can pass the next data from Business Catalyst CRM to Zendesk:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Device class
  • Is logged in?
  • CRM ID
  • Link to CRM record
  • Company
  • Website
  • Cellphone
  • Date of birth
  • Customer type
  • Industry
  • Rating
  • Is wholesaler?

Small video how to use Zendesk Integration app

Setting up of the application is very easy. Just paste Zendesk subdomain. And also we can check the options for prepopulate: Name and Email if you need for logged in user. And click “Save” - so code will be prepared.

Zendesk code implementation

Then take a look to the instruction section. Here we can find a one line code for including into page templates. We must place this code before closing </head> tag on all pages where we want to place the widget.

Zendesk custom fileds feature to pass extra information

Zendesk has a very useful feature which called custom ticket fields. The application has a very easy setup for passing visitor’s data to the custom ticket fields. For example, let’s add 2 custom fields.

Using Zendesk custom fields to pass extra information about user

Let us set up prepopulation of that fields for logged in users. It is very easy. Just go to the custom field in Zendesk admin and copy the field ID.

Set up prepopulation of fields

Combining extra data into one zendesk field

if we want to combine few visitor’s fields into 1 ticket field, - we can set the same Zendesk field ID for all of BC fields, which we want to combine. And click the “Prepopulate” checkbox for each one.

After reload the page we see that fields contain visitor’s data.

Zendesk widget with extra visitor's information

Set passing data invisible. Hidden fields

We also can make widget interface clearer just by hiding these custom fields. For that we just set corresponding options.

Hiding extra fields for Zendesk widget

Reload page again and we see that custom fields are not visible now.

Let’s now try to write some message and send ticket.

So we can see a new ticket in Zendesk. And when we open it we can see custom fields in the sidebar.

Zendesk ticket with extra information about user



  • Active Zendesk account
  • Liquid markup enabled on website
  • jQuery installed on website

Thats all. We hope you enjoy this app in your Business Catalyst site.

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