Zip Uploader App for Adobe Business Catalyst

This App very useful for all developers of Adobe BC platform.

We also found that it took a much time to upload some complex file structure to the Adobe BC server. Especially if this structure contains a lot of small files in different folders and sub-folders. And we have to install some FTP-client for it, and make also some settings.

That is why we decide to create this App at least for ourselves. Since the uploading process takes in 4 times quicker in average then FTP.

Really it much more easier to drag-drop one zip-file, which contains all complex file structure, just to the admin app and just unzip it on the server

Also this App gives you independence from operating system and FTP client

Look small video about app

Of course we have plans to improve this app in future:

  • support for other file types,
  • uploading few files
  • offer us your ideas :)

Get Zip Uploader app for only $1.99 on now!

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