Zopim chat - Adobe BC integration

Zopim chat integration app for Adobe Business Catalyst

How to increase Client Conversation and Revenue on your site?

The Business Catalyst CRM contains a lot of very useful and interesting information about visitor. Especcually if he is logged in.

Furthemore, you can use few extra features of Zopim chat.

Look visitors at the moment

You can see visitors with all details in real time. And you know his CRM data.

Use Zopim proactive triggers and increase your Sales.

For example you can offer visitor a coupon with a discount for your product or service, if you see, that visitor did the shopping over your site during last week.

Or you can automatically assign a ticket to a specific support agent or support group, using some data, which passed from BC site. Look more about Zopim triggers

Using Zopim tags

Tags can be added to tickets automatically by app settings from BC site. So it helps you to categorize, act on and search for tickets by tags.

Use other data

Even possible to create enquiry for user just during a chat, and even without asking his name, email and other information. It becouse you can see passed data from site to Zopim admin panel.

Easy to install and make extra-setting

Let us look, which data could be passed through app:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Device class
  • Is logged in?
  • CRM ID
  • Link to CRM record
  • Company
  • Website
  • Date of birth
  • Customer type
  • Industry
  • Rating
  • Is wholesaler?


Small video helps you to see some features of this app

Zopim Chat + Zendesk integration

Zopim Chat can be integrated with Zendesk support service. So it possible to use it both and pass all extra data into Zendesk and into Zopim. But for Zendesk integration you can use different Zendesk Integration app for Adobe BC.


  • Active Zopim account
  • Liquid markup enabled on website

3rd Party Notice

This app connects Business Catalyst to a 3rd Party software. The7bits is not affiliated with Zopim. All questions or concerns regarding Zopim's offering or service should be directed to Zopim. For assistance, please visit their Help section.

We hope you enjoy this app in your Business Catalyst site.

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