Startup development

We have an experience with lean development methodologies and know how to build MVP for your startup quickly. Because we started a few startups as co-founders we understand such kind of project very deeply.

For startups which are looking for extending their development team we can help to build a dedicated team with requested skillset.

Python, Django

Django is a high-quality web framework for rapid development. It built for experienced developers and allows to make unique web services of any kind of complexity. If you launch an Internet startup or just want a custom e-commerce website or microservice our team will help you. We follow you through all processes of product development, from preparing the idea to the server deployment.

We also use: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Redis, Memcached, Nginx, uWSGI, Docker, Phusion Passenger, Heroku.

Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst is a powerful cloud-based integrated content management system which is a very good solution for building your online business. It is a stable, reliable and powerful platform with 100% uptime. With a help of new open API it is very extendable and scalable.

Adobe BC has a number of very useful modules like CRM system, e-commerce module, email marketing module, booking system, different payment gateways integration etc. Every module are well documented and integrated with each other. It means that Adobe BC is a good and cost effective all in one solution for online businesses.

Our expertise: Site development, Admin Apps Development, Third-Party Services Integration, Developer Support, Customer Support.

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