Smart Startups Launching

Since the early beginning of our company, we are creating our products, and we are launching start-ups for others by the outsource model.

Sometimes it becomes mixed. Starting as a developing team and moving smoothly to co-founders. So we have enough experience of how to succeed and even how to fail product.

Improvement the draft idea

Understending of audience and their real problem recognition. First idea aprovement by surveys and interviews.

Market Research

Learning of product's competitors and where to focus to be more different. Understanding of market and it's size

MVP launching

Lean software architecture & development with a high seniority level and small team size to avoid misunderstanding


Do you have a Startup idea?

We have some own products succeed and failed. We launch it.

Let's validate it together

Our Startups

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Marketplace for Project Logistics niche

The Netherlands - Startup

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Ourhub Europe

Intelligent e-commerce Marketplace

The Netherlands - Startup

Tabbli demo

Low code platform to use your Database like a lego

The Netherlands - Startup

Frequently Asked questions

Since we have some experience of launching startups from the very draft idea, we can discuss it with you. Of course it impossible to cover everything. But why not try to discuss it?
Well, we have such questions time to time from startups in accelerators during our workshops. Well, we have an experience of "Code for equity" participation in the early stage startups.
Asking about Seed investment this way you are mostly haven't traction and mainly you haven't a prototype even. Even you are ready to get the "No" reply from me. But you'll be surprised probably I don't say "No".
But what I need to say "maybe":
- The product is clearly breakthrough.
- The Founders, plural, have injected significant amounts of their own capital.
- The Founding team has a track record of at least one startup with a successful exit.
- The Go-To-Market strategy makes compelling sense.
- There are signed expressions of interest from named and significant clients.
Let's try to consider it

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