Digital products for visionary organizations

The7bits is a digital product agency offering full stack engineering, web app development and software consulting.

We are working with influential and visionary people to help to build custom online solutions for startups and businesses.

We use market research, user interviews, design thinking practices to build successful products. Our goal is to be a reliable and smart technology partner for our clients.

That is a reason why we are not doing what a client wants but we are doing what a client needs. We use small cross-functional teams of engineers and designers to craft products in a most effective way.

We are completely agile guys and use a lean iterative approach to deliver the right result fast. Instead of spending a lot of time for making detailed plans in case of high uncertainty we are using small steps, getting feedback and making pivots if it needed.

We are a team of professionals who believe in empathy, trust, and feedback-driven process.

Also, we are using special modern practices to speed up the development process.