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The7bits is a digital product agency offering Market and Customer research, full stack engineering, web app development, and software consulting.

What we do

Smart startup launching

Researching the Market, Competitors & Audience. And run it in 1-2 months and get the feedback sooner and prove the idea.

Business Solutions

Every business has its bottleneck which could be solved by digitizing of unstructured data

Mentorship & education

Customer education, public speaking, startup acceleration, volunteer workshops

We are working with influential and visionary people to help to build custom online solutions for startups and businesses.

We are a team of professionals who believe in empathy, trust, and feedback-driven process.


Do you have a Startup idea?

We have some own products succeed and failed. We launch it.

Let's validate it together

Our projects

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Marketplace for Project Logistics niche

The Netherlands

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Ourhub Europe

Intelligent e-commerce Marketplace

The Netherlands

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The agricultural marketplace


The most often questions

Since we have some experience of launching startups from the very draft idea, we can discuss it with you. Of course it impossible to cover everything. But why not try to discuss it?
When we speak about overburdened employees and workflows difficulties, it is always because of non-structured data which is difficult to handle manually. Easy to forget about some critical steps in the flow Even if you are working by a checklist.
Solving such kind of bottlenecks we start from the learning of existing business processes in your company in details. Looking for your documents, researching the series of required actions, understanding all people who are involved in these processes.
The solution always lays in creating of well-structured database and integration with existing tools you use already in the company. Like CRM, payment system, communicative system, etc. After digitizing of this data, it becomes possible to search the required items immediately, make some parts of the workflow automatically or semi-automatically.
Send us some brief information about your business bottleneck, and we consider how to solve it most optimally.
Well, we have such questions time to time from startups in accelerators during our workshops. Well, we have an experience of "Code for equity" participation in the early stage startups.
Asking about Seed investment this way you are mostly haven't traction and mainly you haven't a prototype even. Even you are ready to get the "No" reply from me. But you'll be surprised probably I don't say "No".
But what I need to say "maybe":
- The product is clearly breakthrough.
- The Founders, plural, have injected significant amounts of their own capital.
- The Founding team has a track record of at least one startup with a successful exit.
- The Go-To-Market strategy makes compelling sense.
- There are signed expressions of interest from named and significant clients.
Let's try to consider it

From our loving clients

“They are always communicative, working in effective sprints and ensuring that they produce high-quality deliverables.”

J.J. (Jean-Jacques) Jan

J.J. (Jean-Jacques) Jan

Ourhub Europe B.V.
The Netherlands

“Their knowledge is impressive. They’re a small company that can do very special things.”

Vladymir Herasymenko

Vladymir Herasymenko

Crane-Locator B.V.
The Netherlands

“Our clients from the US and other countries highly praised the store and making orders with pleasure!”

Evgene Lukhmanov

Evgene Lukhmanov



Mentorship - education - volunteering

Venture cafe Rotterdam

The Break-out Session recently about the Market Research for a product


Volunteering community where we are helping girls to try themselves in programming.

Accelerator Sector-X

Workshop “Some tricky ways to define the Market Size of a startup”

Python for beginners

Programming language 4-months course we host each year

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