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Introducing the Formtrigger

Web forms are widely used across the entire Internet. Online businesses are using them for order checkouts, event booking, commenting, customer feedback etc. But there is a problem. The average conversion rate is not very high.

Which is the best chat service suitable for BC sites?

Even if we have already chosen a type of live chat service for our site, we spent some time in order to see if there is a better option, therefore we tested three of them. We registered for all three, implemented the code on the site and eventually found a lot of differences. So we hope this information will be useful for other BC customers.

How to prepopulate Zendesk custom ticket fields

Zendesk is a great tool for support teams. There is also a very useful feature like custom ticked fields. You can easily add ticket fields and also add their to Zendesk widget. It is possible to use such fields for passing any website visitor specified data to Zendesk.