Low code platform to use your Database like a lego

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Tabbli allows creating databases with a flexible structure and changing it on the fly. Searching and filtering without programming.

DIY Business Digital solution to get well-structured data.

Problems where from idea was born

Having a lot of meets in The Netherlands mostly about improving existing workflows for businesses or startups we’ve understood some mutual things:

  • Almost each Small or Medium business has a bottleneck or extra-costs because of unstructured data.
  • It could be improved by digitizing of this data and making some parts of processes automatically or semi-automatically.
  • They haven't enough budget to create the perfect custom solution for them.



Solution or not a solution?

For the current moment, many businesses use spreadsheets for such purposes. It could be MS Excel, Apple Numbers, G Suite, Zoho or something like that. However, spreadsheets have many limitations if your data is not «flat» if it cannot be represented just like a table with rows and a fixed list of columns.

Very often, you need to connect different tables because you’re working with many kinds of data. In such cases, you need something which is calling «database» or even more correct «relational database.» There are also some products on the market, which try to provide a tool where you can create different data tables, link them with each other and provide instruments for filtering, grouping, etc.

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You can define your database structure easily by few mouse clicks without coding.

  • Multiple record types support with flexible properties
  • If you have some very general data collections like Products or Equipment, for example, you often have very different data which is not suitable with spreadsheet concept if you need structured data

Full-text search for the entire database

Full-text search

Filtering for record properties

Filtering for record properties

API for integration with external services

Tabbli API

Multilingual content

Multilingual content

Who needs Tabbli?

  • Startups to prove the idea sooner
  • SMB to solve the bottleneck by digitizing of unstructured data

Comparing finances with Custom Development we avoid the huge extra-costs of project on the early stage

Tabbli vs Custom Development

Current stage works in beta-testing mode now. So welcome to become our early adopter!